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Sale to professionnals and individuals

Earn 10 à 100 units of true Cryptocurrency*

for every $/€ spent


  • Interactive virtual tour to sell your property (with user and efficiency guide)

  • Empowering computer training (from initiation to cryptocurrencies)

  • Protection of privacy and personal data


  • Interactive virtual tours to promote your professional space (with user and efficiency guide)

  • 3D visit with integrated sales and payment pages (linked to an affiliate system or not)

  • Special merchant training **

  • Setting up a cryptocurrency online store (Up to 5 cryptocurrencies on the same store)

  • Protection of professionnal/confidential data (1simple and preconfigured tool)

Become a Bs3d.fr(and/or customers) affiliate partner

(and earn commissions by supporting local merchants)

*Units of a true decentralized cryptocurrency with real value on the markets

** How to bring in, come back and re-come customers in your town center or village business ?

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What our customers say

"Fantastique, je ne savais pas que tout cela existait ! Je suis beaucoup plus serein dans mes activités à présent."


"Ici j'ai trouvé un grand sens de l'enseignement et des solutions incroyables"


"Merci à Yann, j'ai enfin pu réutiliser mon ordinateur normalement. De plus, la nouvelle configuration de mon navigateur est beaucoup plus simple pour moi. L'informatique est devenu un plaisir"


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